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Following the Itchetucknee

Eric Flagg

executive producer:
Jim Stevenson

associate producer:
Wes Lindberg

Lamar Hires, Eric Flagg, Isaac Brown

running time:
7 minutes

year produced:


The short video takes you on a trip from the Upper Ichetucknee Basin to the confluence of the Ichectucknee and Santa Fe Rivers in North Central Florida. It is easy to forget about what happens upstream from a beautiful and pristine river like the Ichetucknee. The Ichetucknee is under threat from chemical and nutrient runoff as well as from lowered water levels which affect the ecology of the Ichetucknee's multiple ecosystems and the quality of the water that people from all over the world have enjoyed for so long.

After the video, you will see a map that highlights the locations of the areas above the river that were featured in this video.

The Ichetucknee River and its springs are not the only waterways in Florida at risk. This video serves as an example of how what we do upriver and aboveground can affect our aquifer and springs.

For more information about Florida's springs and what you can do to help protect them, visit: