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Jellyfish Smack Productions was founded in 2005 by Isaac Brown and Eric Flagg.
The two met at University of Florida's Documentary Institute,
where they received their Master's degree.

Ana Paula Habib attended UF's Documentary Institute a couple years later and
after graduation became an integral part of the Jellyfish Smack team.
Eric, Isaac and Ana bring a versatile set of skills to every project they encounter.

Ana Paula Habib

Ana Paula Habib is a Brazilian filmmaker based in Florida.
She strives to make documentaries that entertain while
stimulating the audience to think and feel.

Isaac Brown




Isaac Brown is a filmmaker, photographer, writer, and graphic artist. He is a firm believer in the power of independent media to inspire action.

Eric Flagg

Eric Flagg left his career as a wetland scientist and environmental consultant to pursue an area in which he believes he can make a tremendous
difference in the world—documentary film.